5 Things You Can Do To Find New Clients Fast

Whenever I hear bad news in my business, I like to start prospecting. I know this sounds weird, but somehow going after new clients is very soothing to the soul. Not to mention, it is healthy for my business as well.

Not to say that I do not prospect regularly throughout the year; I do. However, when a client decides to not move forward with me or I feel that I am getting into a rut, finding a new client is just what the doctor ordered.

Over the years, I have found a few specific ways to find new clients fast. Below are some of my favorites. You will not always get money the same day, but usually within 2-4 weeks these strategies usually work like a charm.

Before we get started, a few words of warning here. First, not all of these ideas work with every business. Second, some of these strategies are great short term starters, but work even better in the long-term for your clients. If you are always looking for short term gains, then you will usually find the road to success takes a lot longer.

5 Strategies For Finding New Clients Fast

Converting Prospects to Customers - Sales Doorway1. Target your ideal prospect- The best strategy for finding new clients fast is to have a razor sharp definition of who your ideal prospect is. When you know who you want to do business with, then finding those clients is easier and quicker.

2. Start networking- Get out of your house or office. Meet people! Preferably, you will want to go to networking events in your area to connect with other business professionals. Use sites like Meetup.com to find targeted people in your area.

3. Connect with your current database- If you want to find new clients, sometimes you will discover that the best prospects are the people already in your network. Reaching out to networks, and going to events is great when you start out. However, why start from scratch every single time. Instead, you need to connect with people already in your database.

Take a dive into your email, and see what deals might have fallen through the cracks when you were busy. Now that you have sometime follow up with the clients. Ideally, you should be setting up a CRM to organize your sales funnel. However, things happen. Make sure that you reach out to that client you sent out a quote six months ago. Find out if they are still interested in your services.

If they are, you can dust off the proposal, so you can provide them with their services quickly.handshake

4. Create a special offer for a limited time- If you are really in a crunch for money or clients, then use a special offer to get clients in the door quickly. This works great when you have an established product that you offer as a special. For example, I do business coaching. A few years ago, when I was tight on money I offered my services at a discounted rate. The catch was that people had to bid on my time. So, instead of just offering the service at $100 for 2 hours of coaching, I started at $100 and the bidding went up to around $15o after a few rounds of bids. 

I made some quick money, and the client who won got additional benefits from my services.

5. Build your power partnerships- This approach is not the fastest approach for getting clients, however, it is the fastest approach for building your business. Instead of you chasing after every client, you need power partners who can work with you to build your business. They bring you referrals and vice versa.

Finding Quality Clients

With all of the methods for finding clients quickly, let’s take a minute to remember that it does not matter if you find the wrong clients. When you find the right clients fast, it makes all the difference in the long run. Those clients will be with you longer and be more loyal. That is why the first thing you need to find clients fast is to identify your ideal prospect.

Once you do that, it will make it easier to find them and show them your services. Let me know in the comment area if you have any questions about finding new clients for your business?

Developing Your Success Plan

Success concept.When you started your business, did you create a business plan? That is what you are suppose to do after all when you start a business, right? Eh!

The problem with that theory is that a business plan when you start is going to be flawed. Think about the concept of a business plan for a second.

You write a plan of action down before you have any clue what real challenges you will face. Furthermore, you are doing this at the beginning of your journey before you have the opportunity to define exactly what you want out of the business plan.

You just do not have enough information before you start to understand whether your business plan will work?

Now, I am not saying that you should not plan for the future. Far from it! Instead, you need to create a provisional, success plan. It is provisional, because you have the freedom to go back later and adjust the flaws. If the plan does work, then you keep moving forward towards your dreams.

Instead of spending hours creating a plan, you create an outline of what you want to do without getting stuck in the details of a business plan. If you need a full-out business plan, you can always do this later on in your business.

This is the best of both worlds. For those Peter Planners reading this article, you can plan ahead. For those Action Allison’s reading this you can take immediate action without a cumbersome plan that would sap your energy.

So, what exactly does a provisional success plan plan look like? Below is a template of a success plan.

Business Idea: Start Up Gap Book

USP: The only book that discusses what entrepreneurs do between dreams and success.

How I am different from my competitors: Every other success book focuses on the motivation. No other book for entrepreneur dives in so deep into the gap that no one discusses. Most books tell the story of how they got started, list a few mistakes, and what is working for them now. Start Up Gap shows the process of how they figured it out.

Three Steps:

  • Write one blog post per day
  • Reach out to 5 experts per day to share the book with their audience
  • Create 2 Emails to subscribers per week

Time Required: 1-2 hours daily

Need To Delegate: 

  • Social media promotion
  • reaching out to reviewers on Amazon/GoodReads
  • reaching out to blogs in need of guest posts.

Challenges: How do we get it published on Amazon? How do we provide additional valuable information in book on Amazon?

A few things to keep in mind with your provisional plan.

First, do not spend more than 60 minutes on this plan. The idea is to run a week-long test to determine if you can actually build your business based on your plan. We want to get you out of over-thinking, so you can start acting. Do some basic research about your industry. Understand how you are different. Then move forward.

Second,make sure what you are doing is legal. Just because I do not want you to spend time building out a long, exhausting business plan in advance does not mean that you should not protect yourself legally. If you are not sure, check with a lawyer, accountant, or other professional. I am neither, so this does not constitute legal advice.

Third, write down your observations each day on how well you think your plan is working. Is this a pace you can keep up? Do these actions seem to make a difference? Do you need an extra week to straighten out the issues? For example, I am not able to write two email posts along with the blog posts each month. That needs to be modified. Without putting this into action, I would never have known that in advance.

Three Steps To Create a Success Plan

1. Create a provisional business plan. Here is where a success plan differs from a traditional business plan. You do a test run. Come up with a short provisional plan for one week. Spend that week running the business you want to build.

2.Use your test week to develop a comprehensive success plan. The beauty of a test week is that you have the opportunity to work out the kinks in your system, and still take action. This is great for the perfectionists who want everything to work right away, and at the same time a positive way to reinforce the idea that nothing happens in business without you taking massive action first. time for action

Think about it this way. Software companies have alpha and beta launches for their software program, and casinos have soft openings. Why should you not have a test week to ensure everything works right for your enterprise.

3. Start Acting! A plan is only as good as the actions you take on that plan. To do that, you need to focus and start working on your success plan. Take a week to analyze your results from the test week, and then start acting on those results accordingly.

Keep in mind that not everything will work in the first week. That is OK! In fact, I would be shocked if you started to get massive, instant results. Usually it takes time to develop a following and build your base. Be patient, and keep working your plan as long as you see improved results.

How Can We Help You With Your Success Plan?

Creating a success plan is part of the Get it out there idea that we discussed earlier this week. By utilizing a success plan, you now have the necessary components to create an amazing business based upon your vision. Later when you have begun testing out your plan, you can refine the plan.

In the meantime, let us help you get your success plan started? Do you need help smoothing out the rough edges of your success plan? Was the trial week kind of trying? Then this is your lucky week! If you purchase a copy of Start Up Gap before September 14th, I will give you a free 30 minute coaching session on Skype. Claim your free coaching by contacting me HERE.

In the meantime, start working on your success plan.

Get It Out There

I would rather be Hank Aaron than Barry Bonds. Yep! The truth is out! No denying it anymore. If I were to be either of the two greatest home run sluggers in the history of baseball, I would choose to be Hank Aaron.
Hank Aaron 1960
Take aside all the steroids and doping, and I still stick with Hank Aaron. Why?

He had more hits in his career than Barry Bonds. While Bonds might have the all-time record for home runs (762), Hank Aaron had over 3,771 hits in his lifetime compared to Bonds 2,935.

So, what does this have to do with the price of tea in China, or the concept of getting it done?

Hank Aaron got it done. He consistently got it done over the course of his career. Not to say that Bonds is a bum, but I would trade 7 home runs (Aaron hit 755) for an additional 800 hits over my career.

Bringing this back to the world of entrepreneurs, you need to think the same way. While Bonds, might have hit for the fence every time, how many more games did he lose for his team, because he was not consistently looking to just hit the ball.

That is what entrepreneurs do. They play for a team, and consistently work on bettering their team

Yeah! It is great to have that nice home run every once in a while. Who does not want that?

However, even better than that sweet 500 yard monster belted out of the park is having consistent success. To be successful in baseball, you need to be flexible. Whether it is a single or a home run, you need to get on base. That singular feeling must follow you wherever you go.

That is why entrepreneurs must always flex their get it out there muscle. If you want to have continued success, you have to be aware that nothing will ever be perfect. Not everyone will always love every product you have. The fact is that your product may change someone’s life. That is important, and must be shared with others.

Flexing Your Get It Out There Genes

Before we help you flex your get it out there genes, keep in mind one thing. Perfection is great! Completion is better. It is weird when you start. Additionally, I am not telling you to put out crap products. Instead, this is about taking the initiative to move forward with something whether it is perfect or not.

To hell with those who believe your design should look just so!

Forget everyone who nitpicks at what is not right. Bravery comes from doing what you believe is right. Not everyone will agree with you, but that is why you need to develop your get it out there genes.

So let’s begin.

Deadlines Are Deadly!

First, think about the project you have been longing to complete for the past god knows how long. Today is the day! Well! Today might not be the day, but it is the day that you decide upon a day. Today you create a deadline.

When I started writing Start Up Gap (shameless self plug to go to Amazon to buy the book….Click the link), I set a due date for the book to be completed. Every single deadline was missed. However, the fact that I had a deadline meant that I was always working to get the book out there. I was behind deadline after all. Because I told people it would be out, I did everything within my power to make it happen.

Getting it out there is as much about setting a deadline for yourself as it is about telling the world what will happen.

You Must Be Mistaken!

Part of getting it out there is understanding that you will make mistakes. In fact, not everyone will be happy with everything that you do. While you must do your best to avoid mistakes, realize that they are an inevitable part of taking risks.

Learn from your mistakes, and do your utmost to never repeat a mistake. However, do not be so afraid of mistakes that you do not go out there and do your utmost to succeed. These mistakes are your greatest learning tool. Every time I make a mistake, I get that much smarter.

Carpe Diem! Put your entire heart and soul into the project.

Second, to get it out there you must put your entire heart and soul into a project. You must seize the day! When you wake up, you should be dreaming about the project. When you fall asleep, thinking about all the little extras you can put into the project.

One of the best inspirational movies of all times is from the late Robin Williams. In Dead Poets Society, Williams character Professor Keatings says, “Carpe diem. Seize the day, boys. Make your lives extraordinary.”

I think he has the idea for getting it out there! When you seize the day and take massive action, you are creating an extraordinary life for yourself. Do not get stuck up on the details. They will kill your hopes and dreams. The big ideas. The ones that really matter have more to do with your ability to understand that no matter what the obstacle, you will make it through to the other side.

carpe diem

Find Your Guardians of The Galaxy

Third, you need an amazing team behind you. Not to go all Hollywood on this post, but just like the Guardians of the Galaxy could only tame the Infinity Stones together, you need a team that must work together to solve problems that are not solvable by yourself. Note: If you have no clue what I am talking about with the Guardians of the Galaxy, all I have to tell you is “GROOOOTTT!!!!”

Ryan Lee had a great recent post called The Right Partner: Starter or Finisher. In the post, he discussed how the best relationships in businesses have a starter and a finisher. The starter comes up with the ideas, while the finisher works on the day to day details of the project. His idea is that you need both for a successful project.

Your teammates should fill the holes in your plan. Make sure that you can work with them, and create a better business with these partners. Then nothing is impossible.

Good is Good Enough

Fourth, there comes a point when you have diminishing returns on your project. That point where you keep striving for perfection, but end up getting in your own way.

That happens so often in business, where entrepreneurs keep tweaking and tweaking their plan. Unfortunately in many cases, too much tweaking gets in the way of creating a dynamic business.

Realize that your dream of a better life happens when you finally take that step towards a better life. In other words, “Get It Out There!”

Market That Puppy!

Fifth, once you have a great product, you need to start marketing the business. While this is not a post about marketing, here are a few resources from other bloggers and myself to help you with marketing that puppy!

How To Market Your Small Business: Marketing Checklist

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SEO Basics

Now that we have those articles out the way, keep in mind that marketing is about connecting with your target audience. Use the strategies above to find your ideal clients. Any other trick, tactic, and tip is just plain lucky if it works.

What Do You Want To Get Out There?

So, what do you want to get out to the world? How do you think it will change the world? Every person has a product, service, or idea inside themselves that if they just got it out there would change humanity. What is your idea? What do you need to do to get it out there today? How can we help? Let me know in the comment area, or just contact me if it is something private.  Start Up Gap is built upon the ideas of getting it out there to world to help them. More specifically, I want to know how I can help you get it out there!



Start Up Gap Is Live

After thirteen months of planning, interviewing, writing, researching, and editing Start Up Gap, the book is now live on Amazon.

Phew! I cannot believe that I am finally at the point where I can share with you the amazing stories that were shared to create this book!

Before we talk about the amazing information inside the book, let me thank all those who made it possible for the book to come to light. Particularly, I want to give a shout out to my mom, Paula Nathan, who did the graphics for the cover. Also, thanks to my wife, family, friends, and speakers who made this book a reality.

Start Up Gap speaks to those entrepreneurs who want to get their ideas out there. To help you do that we have come up with some companion videos that address some of the challenges most entrepreneurs face when they look to get their ideas out into the world.

Enjoy the free companion videos to the book.

3 Common Entrepreneur Mistakes

5 Strategies To Be More Consistent

What if I Fail?

Now, more about the book.

Start Up Gap literally dives into how successful entrepreneurs bridge the gap between the entrepreneurial dream, and the successes we hear about everyday. Their stories are guideposts for you to build your own successful business.

However, the book does not stop there. Start Up Gap breaks down over 30 hours of interviews and thousands of hours of research to dissect the 7 well-defined steps they took on the path from dreams to success.

My hope is that their stories will inspire you, and their path give you insights into better methods for improving your own success.

Get your copy of Start Up Gap on Amazon

Start Up Gap Button Amazon
Andy Nathan

P.S. The Kindle version of the book will be out next week. However, you can order the paperback version today at StartUpGap.Com/Amazon.

What’s New At Start Up Gap

The book should be out in the next few days. Over a year of hard work is coming to fruition, and I can only thank all the readers, subscribers, speakers, and those involved in helping me create the book that discusses how entrepreneurs go from dreams to success.

As the book is getting ready, I also want to start expanding on what we discuss at Start Up Gap. While the interviews and case studies that we have completed over the past year will remain a staple of this site, I think that entrepreneurs deserve more, and that is what we plan on doing.

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